Partner products

CCAR E-Safety

CCAR (The Coordinating Committee For Automotive Repair) and Electude have partnered to deliver an online safety curriculum and credential designed for today’s generation of automotive learners. CCAR works exclusively with the automotive industry and is one of the original OSHA Alliance Partners and the only partner for automotive. CCAR E-Safety engages and guides learners to a comprehensive understanding of automotive safety best-practices. Every module is accompanied with a quiz and culminates in a final exam, passing of which then qualifies students for CCAR’s automotive student safety course completion certificate. Now includes coverage of COVID-19 safety for automotive students and teachers.


Electude and MotoLogic have partnered to deliver a budget-friendly blend of e-learning and automotive repair and diagnostic data. Users access high-quality OEM content, including a keyword search tool, making finding what you need fast and easy. MotoLogic includes comprehensive vehicle coverage,  superb color wiring diagrams, and MotoVisuals, a collection of 3-D animated images of car systems and components, perfect for in-class or online presentations. A new set of pre-prepared student activities built in Electude teach students to use MotoLogic and complete basic search exercises.  Electude and Motologic provide access from Electude to MotoLogic with a direct link so students may access MotoLogic using any device, anywhere and anytime.

Haynes AllAccess

Electude and Haynes have partnered to provide service information for over 600 automobile makes and models linked to e-learning in a single-sign-on environment. Haynes and Electude provide users a direct link to Haynes AllAccess repair manuals so users may perform shop tasks using any device, any time, anywhere. Haynes AllAccess includes thousands of step-by-step repair and replace written instructions illustrated with photographs and with over 1000 procedural videos. Easy navigation and keyword search make finding what one wants fast and easy. Perfect for absolute beginners, Haynes AllAccess is a budget-friendly solution to replace or be used with other service-information solutions.


ConsuLab Training Aids

ConsuLab is renowned for its focus on enhancing troubleshooting skills, learner confidence and increasing speed of learning with its automotive training aids, as well as for superb customer service and training support. Electude and Consulab have joined forces to combine Electude e-learning with ConsuLab training aids. Students learn how to use the training aid itself and are challenged by a variety of hands on activities; results are tracked in Electude, so students work independently and instructors save time. Current training aids include the EM-200-25 speed and position sensor, EM-200-14 Coli-on-Plug Ignition System, EM-200-22 EVAP Systems and CL-1919-05 Ohm’s law and DC Circuits.


Since 1975, Thepra has been designing and manufacturing high-quality mechanical training aid; Electude has been creating e-learning for automotive students since 1990.  Electude and Thepra have worked in partnership since 2016 in order to connect their products and now have fifteen training aids combined with Electude e-learning, with more in development. Users have access to Electude’s interactive practical e-learning modules designed to teach students how to use Thepra’s training aids and complete hands-on learning activities. Electude’s LMS tracks student progress in order to put real-time feedback at the student and teacher’s disposal. The combination of Electude and Thepra allows students to work much more independently, giving students and teachers performance feedback, reducing the “theory versus application” gap.


HaynesPro workshop data provides users with a comprehensive database of vehicle-specific, professional-level service information. HaynesPro includes step-by-step procedures designed to assist technicians determine faults, especially valuable for diagnosing electrical and electronic problems. HaynesPro’s unique VESA application (Vehicle Electronic Smart Assistant) uses fault codes drawn from scan tools to, starting with the most probable cause, demonstrate for the technician the diagnostic steps needed to solve the problem.