Wherever learning takes place, Classroom is there

Classroom is Electude’s next level solution to technical instruction in every setting. With Classroom, whether your students are online, in the shop, or in front of you in a classroom, you’ll have all the tools you need on a single, integrated platform. Within Classroom, you’ll find:

  •  Coverage for all courses typically offered in today’s automotive technology programs
  • Discovery-based lesson modules that teach why and how vehicle systems and their components operate
  • All-new how-to modules with videos demonstrating repair and maintenance procedures, aligned to our new collection of digital labs
  • A new, three-level collection of digital labs correlated to major accreditation and certification standards, including the ASE
  • A printed student companion guide with expanded content and exercises that reinforce our online lesson-modules
  • Kahoot! online gamified assessments designed to work in-class, individually, or as part of a competition against students from other schools
  • Printable tests and worksheets
  • Instructor support, including an answer guide and the ability to filter results at the group, individual, and module level
  • Lesson plans aligned to the ASE Educational Foundation task list that help you get the most from classroom tools

We have built our reputation providing high quality technical e-learning solutions to thousands of customers in over 70 countries. Electude Classroom represents the next step in this revolutionary journey.

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Classroom is available in the USA, the Netherlands and Belgium. Are you curious to see what Classroom can do for your students, organization and goals? Don’t hesitate and request a free quotation today!

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“I would absolutely recommend Electude to fellow teachers. The support that comes with Electude is amazing. Very fast responses and they take feedback from the customers to help improve the product.”